Why Are People With Blood Type O So Special?

There are some interesting theories that our personalities are determined by the blood type. According to WellnessKeen: “Blood type, also known as blood group, though not unique, differs from person to person. For a safe transfusion, blood types need to be matched in a specific way. Broadly, there are four major groups of blood, namely

Rosemary Hair Treatment

Try a rosemary hair treatment rinse to stimulate hair growth and leave it shinier than ever! Rosemary is an herbal culinary staple bringing lots of yummy life to a variety of dishes. It is a sturdy plant that can grow pretty much anywhere that it’s planted and has been used medicinally for centuries in the

5 Minute Stretch Routine

Try this 5 minute stretch routine each morning for a rock star day! Start your day off the right way! If you tend to wake up groggy and are prone to relying on coffee to get yourself moving, incorporating a five-minute stretch routine can be all it takes to really ramp up your morning energy