1 Minute Test To See If You Have Healthy Lungs

Often, the tests we can do in the privacy of our own house are preferable because the stress, tension and expense involved in going to the doctor’s office doesn’t exist. Although I don’t advise you in any way to give up on regular medical checkups, but, a test, designed by specialists, can give you a much more relaxed view of your health!

Today you will learn how to check your lungs! We will show you a simple and practical test, which will monitor the state of your respiratory system!
Inhale and exhale: How many times haven’t you heard this advise? In the middle of aerobics classes, during relaxation therapy or at times of acute stress, a breath of fresh air seems to be the solution to any of our problems. And if we consider that we can survive weeks without food, days without water, but not too long without air, we begin to provide more importance to the health of our lungs.

The test we recommend today is extremely simple and requires only a match (or a box if you need more attempts to light the match – we know we often gone through this situation).

Light a match, catch it between your fingers and stretch your hand in front of you. Deeply inhale and then exhale, calm and deep. Repeat with the same determination. Your goal is to turn off the flame of the match. If you have succeeded in the first try, I congratulate you, you have very healthy lungs. On the contrary, if you need more tries or it was even necessary to turn off the match because it burned your fingers, your lungs may show you that they are in danger

Smoking, physical inactivity, infections or genetic inheritance may be responsible for lung disease, but what matters is that you must intervene as soon as possible and get your lungs healthy.


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