11 Tips To Always Look Amazing In Photos

The way we look in the photos always concerned us. Although you know you look great in reality, the photos are a whole new story. Any woman is worried about what she looks like, what to wear and what position to stand when she is taking pictures.

Today you will learn some tricks to always look amazing in photos.

1. Think about beautiful things

To have a good face expression, you have to think of something nice, such as a special memory, a favorite moment or something that makes you happy. Happy thoughts bring beautiful, calm and natural looking smiles.

2. Be careful about facial expression and position

If you have a round face, it’s advisable to turn your head slightly to one side. To mask a protruding nose, gently lean your head to make the profile seem more balanced.

3. Always smile

You’ve probably noticed that all the stars look pretty much the same in all the pictures. Everyone discovered their unique way of smiling so, over time, it become perfectly normal for them. Try it too!

4. Be Yourself!

Don’t force yourself. Be relaxed and natural.

5. The key is the right light

The light must be the same all over the face. Shadows darken the area between the eyes, looking like you have dark circles and accentuating your nose making it look bigger.

6. You don’t have a part where you look good and one where you look bad

There is not a good and a bad side, you look good from all angles. You just have to be confident and forget this idea.

7. Watch your silhouette when you sit down

Stay on the edge of the chair with your back straight so you can be in the foreground. If you’re not careful, the photo may not go out the way you wanted it.

8. Dress the right clothes

Light colored clothes light up your face, while dark colored clothes make you look skinnier. Horizontal stripes are avoided because they give the impression of a waist and hips much larger than they really are.

9. Put your hands on your hips

It’s good to put your hands on your hips because accentuates the waist, making you look thinner. It also gives the impression of a natural posture.

10. Pick up the camera

The camera should be positioned at the eyes level or above eyes of the person that is photographed

11. You need to know what makeup to apply

The camera diminishes makeup, so your makeup has to be a bit more accentuated.


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