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2020 Happiness Jar

2020, a fresh start and a new year to make new memories. I really do love a new year, I like reflecting on the year past and seeing what the new year will bring. Last year I made a 2019 happiness jar and I kept up with it all year. On January 1st, my husband and I will go  through all the folded paper that we had put in the jar and will take turns reading and reflecting on 2019.

Our happiness jar for last year was pretty girly, I had used paper that had pink flowers on it. It was time to change that with a more settle and neutral look that went well with our decor.
2020 Happiness JarI already had the jar on hand, if you don’t, you can purchase them at Walmart. I bought craft paper that ‘looked’ like wood, then used tape, a ruler & scissors.
2020 Happiness JarThe paper was 12×12 so I measured 6 inches to the middle and then drew a straight line across the paper.
2020 Happiness JarThen I simply cut the paper where I drew the line.
2020 Happiness JarI already had the stickers on from when I put them on last year.
2020 Happiness JarI then placed the paper inside and taped it around the jar, it’s that simple and easy to do. I love the new look, it goes great with everything in our house now.

I can’t wait to start adding new, happy moments that take place in 2019. It’s a good reminder of all the good things that happened during the year instead of reflecting on the not so great things! Have you made a jar similar to this? As always, thanks for stopping by!

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