6 Ways to Wear a Triangle Bikini Top

The weather is warming up, Spring Break is over, and Summer is almost here!  That means new summer fashions are coming out including bathing suits which can get pretty pricey.  Personally, I don’t like to spend a lot of money on a bathing suit because I only really wear them a few times a season and with such little fabric on them I cant bring myself to spend $20+ on just a top alone! Usually I buy one top I really like, or last year I made a fringe bandeau top you can find here, and I wear the same plain bottoms to make multiple bathing suits.

Last year I came across a photo of 6 ways to wear a triangle bikini top.  This was an amazing find! I don’t like triangle tops because the tie behind the neck drives me crazy so I usually go for bandeau with a removable strap for whenever I need it (I wear the removable strap around my wrist like a hair tie for safe keeping.)  Yesterday I tried to find that same pin on Pintrest of different ways to wear my top and it lead me to a website that sold a 6 way halter top for $50 +…it is a regular triangle bikini top!

Ummm this was a little ridiculous to me.  Over $50 for a top that is advertised as being convertible 6 different ways?!  Well let me tell you ladies you can do this with that old triangle bikini top you have a home or that cute new one you have been dying to buy, but you sure don’t need to speed $50 on any “special convertible” top…unless of course you really want to.

Below I will explain how to tie your top into these different styles, but just a heads up, if you have been blessed with big boobs some of these styles will not work for you.  I’m an average cup size (at least I like to think so) maybe a little on the small side, so I was able to wear all of these and have everything covered, it may vary based on your own body size.  Also, my triangle top I used was from Target, and when worn in the traditional halter way, straps at the neck are thick. (You can see the photo below)  I liked this suit better because it provided more coverage when worn different wants, but any triangle bikini top will work.

6 Ways to Wear a Triangle Bikini Top

Normal Halter

A traditional way to wear a triangle bikini; two thickest straps tie behind the neck and triangle pieces of fabric cover the breasts making cups while a thin, adjustable strap ties behind  the back to secure the top.  Bottom fabric of the triangle cinches together.

6 Ways to Wear a Triangle Bikini Top 6 Ways to Wear a Triangle Bikini Top

Bandeau (front & back)

Slide cups as close together as you can get them.  Using the thin strap that normally ties behind your back, make a square  knot at the top of the bandeau, this will give you an open circle.  Tie thick straps (normally tie at the neck) behind your back to hold your top up.  The thin strap is now left over, lay it flat at the top of your suit and tie it behind your back. This will get rid of the extra strap and provide a little more support. (Plus it adds contrast if it happens to be a different color)

6 Ways to Wear a Triangle Bikini Top

Front Cross

This will be tied with the same steps as a Bandeau top; except for the neck line.  Push triangle cups together as close as possible and tie thick straps behind back. Thin straps at top top of the open circle will tie behind neck, just simply cross them over each other before tying behind neck to make an X.

6 Ways to Wear a Triangle Bikini Top

Scoop Neck

This will be tied the same way as the front cross top, except when tying the thin straps behind the neck, do no cross straps.  Simply tie them straight behind the neck to get this bold scoop neck look.  (I’m sorry my picture is a little hard to see!)

6 Ways to Wear a Triangle Bikini Top 6 Ways to Wear a Triangle Bikini Top

T-Shirt (front & back)

This is my new favorite way to wear a bathing suit, no more weird tan lines or neck irritations! Again this will start the same way as before, push cups as close together as possible with cinched fabric in the middle and thick straps tie behind back.  But this time, the thin straps will go over the shoulder and tie onto the thick strap behind the arm pit, the same way as a tank top or bra would sit. You get a scoop neck in the front and amazing comfort in the back!

6 Ways to Wear a Triangle Bikini Top 6 Ways to Wear a Triangle Bikini Top

Criss Cross (front & back)

For this look, adjust cups so they are far apart.  The thin strap will wrap around your neck (there are no ends to tie here) the cinched bottom of cups will cover your side boob closest to the arm pit.  The thick straps will cross under the breasts and tie behind the back making the criss cross look and the thin strap will tie directly above them.

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6 Ways to Wear a Triangle Bikini Top

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