Act of Random Kindness (ARK)

One day when the weather was so bad in Missouri, we had to go to the basement for over an hour until it had finally all passed. While I was down there, I discovered a corner where I had piled stuff probably years ago. I was a like a kid in a candy store! One of the things I found was an old mirror with a little shelf which I turned into this.

I loved the movie Evan Almighty, especially the end scene with God and Evan talking under the tree. God was explaining to Evan that ARK was Acts of Random Kindness. That was my inspiration.

Act of Random Kindness (ARK)I think the shelf was Home Interiors and I have no idea why I saved that little jar.

Act of Random Kindness (ARK)I painted it white and then sanded.

Act of Random Kindness (ARK)Then printed and covered up the mirror.

Act of Random Kindness (ARK)I stamped a washer and added it and jute to the votive.(I’ll show you one day how I make my custom washers in an article.)
See the pennies? I want to drop a penny in for every random act of kindness I can do.

Act of Random Kindness (ARK)My goal is to have that jar filled up every week!

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