Aries Horoscope in 2019 & 2020 

Aries Horoscope – Dates, Personality & Compatibility for Aries Zodiac Sign

Date of Birth:  March 21 -April 19

Aries Personality

Ranking first in western zodiac signs, people born under the Aries zodiac sign are passionate, adventurous, generous and fearless. And once they make up their mind, they will never give up. Most of the Aries have a bad temper or even hold grudges against others, but they bear no malice.

Negative Aries Personality Traits

Over straightforward, self-centered, impatient, impulsive, lack of teamwork spirit…

Personality of Aries Women

Aries women are full of passion and energy, and they don’t like to suppress their feelings. They never give up easily and always hold fantastic expectations for the future. They always want to be the No.1 and are afraid of failure. They enjoy the sense of freshness and conquest in love. Aries women love to make money, but they often spend their money impulsively, so it’s difficult for them to save money.

Personality of Aries Men

Aries Men are always enthusiastic, but sometimes careless. They dare to venture into anything with great courage. However, the lack of ability to resist temptation and control themselves will make them hard to get out from obsession. Once they have a goal, they will spare no effort to achieve it. In workplace, they will be decisive, diligent and passionate. In a relationship, they will be reliable and responsible.

Aries Love Horoscope & Compatibility

Aries can be childish, impulsive and even emotional sometimes, but they are also one of the most enthusiastic zodiac signs in western astrology. For Aries men, an independent and lovely woman will be more attractive for them, and they dislike these hesitant and sentimental girls. For Aries women, they are more likely be attracted by romantic and powerful man because they are eager to get surprises in a relationship and need enough sense of security from their partner.

 Best Matches: Leo, Sagittarius and Gemini
 Worst Matches: Virgo and Scorpio
 Best Match for Aries Man: Sagittarius woman
 Best Match for Aries Woman: Leo man

Best Business and Career Fields for Aries

People born under the Aries sign like challenges and adventures. Therefore, some routine and repetitive jobs are not suitable for them such as civil servants, teachers or other positions in academic institutions. Aries are welcomed to engage in careers such as criminal police, army commanders or combatants, emergency doctors, surgeons and so on. What’s more, self-employment or financial investment are also suitable for Aries, but they need to be more patient and avoid taking impulsive actions.

In 2019, Aires will have stronger momentum and good performance in workplace, and they are likely to make more money. But they should pay more attention to keep healthy sleeping habit and be concentrative on their study. They may have disputes with their partner, so they need to learn to handle it in a proper way.

Aries Eminent Personalities

Famous Female Aries

Lady Gaga, Emma Watson, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Shirley Jones, Olivia Hussey, Betty Ford, Rea Perlman, Elizabeth Montgomery, Maya Angelou

Famous Male Aries

Jackie Chan, Thomas Jefferson, Charles Chaplin, Johann Sebastian Bach, Timothy Dalton, Robert Downey Jr., Marlon Brando, Ryan O’Neal, Ronaldinho, Henry Mancini, Elton John, Vincent Van Gogh, Eric Clapton, Christopher Walken, Leonardo Da Vinci


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