Benefits Of Peeing In The Shower

Yes, most people are often embarrassed to talk about the things they do in the bathroom. Well, maybe they think it’s “dirty”, but who knows? You will be surprised when you discover that some experts believe there are benefits to examining your own urine more closely.

Yes, some experts say that our urine is sterile and non-toxic, and they also say that there are certain uses that can be very beneficial for your health. Our urine is made of glucose, amino acids, and electrolytes, all of which are not dangerous.

Here Are Some Ways In Which You Can Use Your Pee, And Also See Why It Is Not A Bad Idea To Begin To Go In The Shower.

Urinating In The Shower
Can I ask you a simple question? Do you urinate when you shower? You do not have to answer that! But really, urinating in the shower is not only completely harmless, it saves a ton of water. People who do this save more than 15 liters of water every day just to flush the toilet. And, if you multiply that by our population and the days of the year, that literally means tons of fresh water each year that is wasted more or less. We can realize that it is really expensive in the long term and it is also bad for the environment. Note: there are low flow ecological toilets, but not even close enough to make a dent in the use of water. Since most people shower almost every day, it makes sense to tinkle and washes simultaneously. And there is a double bonus that respects the environment: you will use less toilet paper and save trees!

Disinfect Wounds
Yes, you have that right; Experts also say that our urine can disinfect wounds. If you have some lumps or scratches and your first aid kit is not nearby, you can clean the wounds with fresh urine. Note: and not only clean the wound, it relieves the tissues and can relieve pain. In a hurry, you can even use the urine of another person, as long as this “volunteer” has no infection. Of course, you should always go to the doctor for any serious injury.

Skin Care
Did you know that urine is also beneficial to combat skin problems such as psoriasis or eczema? Here’s what you need to know: Urea is an active ingredient in many skin creams and ointments. Urea is a more concentrated compound midway in your urination early in the morning, that is, about 5 seconds. How to use it, it’s very simple. Simply rub fresh urine on your skin and/or use compresses; It is best to let it sit for a few hours before cleaning your skin again. You should also know that applying urine to the skin is usually odorless, but may give you a chance when you are not among a large group of people. Urea promotes acid-base homeostasis in the skin and acts to calm dry and brittle skin

You can also use urine pads to combat and prevent those annoying fungal infections, just like those you have on your feet. How to use it – it’s very simple. Just rub the urine in the fungally infected area and let it soak overnight under a compress. After a few weeks, your symptoms should improve a lot. Note: you must be very careful and, in the case of severe fungi, you should always visit your doctor, who should be able to tell you a lot about the fungus and urine. Note: You should also know that there are ways to use urine, such as: as a lawn fertilizer.


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