Best juicers on the market for 2019 to get you healthy in no time

Why not invest in a trusty juicer to help you add more fruit and vegetables into your diet?

The trend for juicing is something celebrities like Millie Mackintosh have been adopting for a while and buying a decent machine with plenty of handy functions will help you juice your way to five a day.

If you’re looking to shed the pounds, juicing is also an effective way to help you do it.

Most brands use a powerful blade system that can breakdown whole fruits and vegetables without any pre-cutting in seconds – making the machines quick and easy to use.

Compact designs are perfect for everyday use when trying out new tasty and can easily be dismantled and stores away – or keep it on your counter top as a constant reminder to stay healthy and avoid the junk.

Picking the right juicier for your lifestyle and budget is key, so before splashing out read our round up below of the best juicers currently on the market and what they offer for the price.


10 best juicers for 2019

1. Sage The Nutri Juicer Plus BJE52OUK


  • The Sage The Nutri Juicer Plus has a central feed that extracts up to 70% off the nutrients from the fruit and veg you juice, virtually eliminating heat transfer that kills off the good stuff.

  • The large chute means you don’t have to chop down fruit and veg which will save time and all the dry pulp is separated from any juice and collected in an easy to dispose of basket.

  • It comes with multiple speed options that allow you to control consistency of your juice, while the design is very easy to dismantle and wash when you’re done.

Buy now from Amazon – £219

2. Braun J300 Multiquick juicer

Braun Juicer – now half price at Debenhams

Buy now from John Lewis – £79.99


  • The Braun J300 juicer can make a glass of fresh juice in 15 seconds. The design comes with a two litre
  • Comes with a 2l pulp collector container that contains the mess and residue from fruit and vegetables.
  • Parts that can be taken out are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
  • Has an in-built powerful 800w motor.


3. Philips HR1832/11 Compact Juicer

Buy now from Argos – £64.99


  • High extraction means you’ll get all the goodness retained in your juice.
  • Compact design makes the juicer small yet perfectly formed.
  • Comes with in-built ‘QuickClean’ technology so you can wash and go (and the parts are dishwasher safe).
  • Makes up to 1.5 litres of juice.

4. Magimix 18045 Black Le Duo Plus Xl Juice Extractor

Buy now from Amazon – £179.99


  • Features a ‘spin dryer’ style basket that extracts almost every drop of juice from fruit and vegetables.
  • Two sizes of feed tube shoots that can accommodate whole pieces of fruit and veg.
  • Built with a robust 400 watt commercial grade induction motor.

5. Philips HR1889/71 Viva Collection Masticating Juicer

Buy now from John Lewis – £199


  • Powerful juicer can extract one litre of juice
  • All the components are dishwasher safe making it easy to clean and practical enough to use everyday.
  • The masticating style juicer means more nutritional goodness from fruits and veg used is retained.
  • The large feeding tube means users can feed through whole fruits and vegetables instead of having to cut up everything beforehand.


6. Smeg SJF01CRUK Retro Style Slow Juicer

Buy now from – £500


  • Makes 5 litres of juice using clever bladeless ‘slow squeezing’ system to retain nutritional value of ingredients.
  • The retro stylish design is perfect to show off on display on your counter top.
  • All removable components are dishwasher safe.

7. Hotpoint SJ4010AX1UK Slow Juicer

Buy now from Amazon – £155


  • Built with a 400w motor and is powerful enough to quickly make plenty of juice for your whole family.
  • Uses a bladeless system to slowly extract juice with a ‘soft squeeze technology’.
  • Has a 1 litre juice capacity
  • Comes with a brush and has removable parts for easy cleaning.

8. Omega VRT402R HD Juicer

Buy now from Amazon – £341


  • Produce high quality juice without destroying nutrients using the slow speed function.
  • Streamline and compact design is ideal for small kitchens or storing away in a cupboard
  • Self-cleaning function allows you to rinse between washes by simply adding water and starting the auto-wash program.

9. Sage SJE830BSS The Nutri Juice Cold XL Spin Juicer

Buy now from Amazon – £299


  • Large feeding chute means you can extract more juice from larger quantities of fruits and vegetables, which do not need to be cut beforehand.
  • Works five times faster than a cold press machine
  • Cold spin technology ensures nutrients are retained and temperature inside the machine stays at a safe level.

10. Philips HR1947/31 Avance Collection Juicer

Buy now from John Lewis – £204


  • Sophisticated technology allows you to juice starchier fruit and vegetables as well as nuts, wheatgrass and ginger easily.
  • Has a special pre-clean function that removes all residue juice from the machine, making it quicker and easier to clean thoroughly once dismantled.
  • Very compact, so ideal for small spaces.

Which juicers are best – what to consider?

There are plenty of juicing machines on the market depending on your needs, including the popular Nutribullet range.

There are some great compact models for those who are short on space and they work just as well as larger models. If you’re keen on kitchen gadgets there is also a range of high spec models that extract 100% off the juice in seconds.

All the major retailers including Amazon, John Lewis, Argos and AO sell a wide variety of machines at various price points.

It’s worth comparing prices across different retailers as you can often pick up a bargain when retailers launch seasonal promotions and sales or you find a relevant online voucher code  or cashback discount.

Want a smoothie maker instead? Here are the 5 best on a budget.

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