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The amount of times I’ve arrived at the airport realizing I left something behind is one too many times. To make sure this never happens, I’ve spent years perfecting my packing list. A handful of my must haves were recommended to me by friends, while others are just handy things I found on Amazon. These useful products not only help me stay organized but have saved me from time to time when I’m thousands of miles away from home. So, if you’re headed on a trip soon, I curated a list of the 11 things I can’t leave the house without, to inspire your own packing list. And, no surprise here, all these products are from Amazon.

One of the many reasons I love shopping on Amazon is because its massive selection has just about everything you could ever dream of, but it can be hard to navigate at times. I’ve spent a lot of time testing products and reading reviews to make sure I found the absolute best choices for me. From shoe bags to USB ties, these products make not only packing easier, but my life. Keep reading to check out my top choices and find the ones perfect for your next getaway.


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