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Comfortable Pants For Women at Old Navy Review

Recently, I upgraded my loungewear collection with a number of matching sweats. Then, as much as I loved them, I hit a wall and felt like I needed to find some real pants. I think the sentiment I shared with coworkers was something like, “I have got to find some real pants.” Maybe a curse word was in there somewhere, too.

I headed over to Old Navy and scrolled through over 400 pairs of pants until I found a pair that looked like they had promise. The Mid-Rise Soft-Twill Utility Pants ($25, originally $40) were exactly what I was looking for. I immediately gravitated to the drawstring — I draw the line at zippers and buttons right now — and purchased them in the army-green shade.

As soon as they arrived, I ripped them out of the bag and slipped them on. I was dying to know if they’d feel stiff, soft, heavy, etc. See how they stacked up ahead!


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