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COVID-19 The Novel Corona virus


Corona virus belongs to family Coronaviridae, the family of enveloped, positive-
sense and single-stranded RNA virus. The genome of this virus consist of 28-32
kilo bases in length. It was firstly discovered in 1960s the reservoir of this virus is
Bats and amplify best in them. The COVID-19 is caused by a beta corona virus
named as SARS-CoV-2 that cause sever pneumonia and effects the lower
respiratory tract.
An outbreak of COVID-19 in Wuhan city, Hubei province of China is emerged in
December 2019 after china this disease become Pandemic about 199 countries
were affected by this virus about 7.5 lacs cases reported up to 30th March 2020.



COVID-19 mainly affects the lower respiratory tract and cause severe pneumonia
main entry route for this virus is nose, eyes and mouth virus transfer human to
human. The incubation period of this virus is about 2-10 days and favourable
temperature is cool. This virus spread through the droplet of sneeze, cough and
tears and in fecal contamination of diseased patient. After getting entry virus
reach to lungs and damage the alveoli and cause high fever and also cause
Multi system Organ failure (MSOF) brain, kidneys in fatal patients.

Signs & Symptoms

Fever, dry cough and runny nose these type of sings easily observed in mild
infection. In acute infection fever, cough, pain in body shortness of breath is seen
and lead to death.


The COVID-19 is worldwide disease about 7.5 lacs total cases from which 5.75 lacs
are active, recovered cases 1.6 lacs and 36 thousand deaths are reported. High
epidemic is observed in Italy, Iran, China and USA. The current mortality for
COVID-19 is approximately 3.4% compared with 9.6% for SARS.


There is no treatment is present for this disease and there is no antiviral drug or
vaccine is available for COVID-19.


It is well said Prevention is better than Cure. To prevent this disease use Personal
protective equipment’s (PPE) like face masks (N-95 or surgical) and gloves. Basic
hygiene practices frequent hand washing and avoiding the travel to high risk
areas, contact with individual who are symptomatic and consumption of meat
which comes from region with known COVID-19 outbreak. Consume vitamin C
rich fruits and vegetables.

There some questions arises?????

What happens when you get the Coronavirus disease?
ANSWER: If you get COVID-19 disease don’t be panic first isolate yourself for 14
days under doctor’s observation and use all preventative measures.

What is the recovery time for the Coronavirus disease?

ANSWER: The incubation time of this virus is 2-10 days after 5 days it shows sign
and symptoms and you may recover within 12 days severe infection leading
toward death.

Who is most at risk for the COVID-19 disease?

ANSWER: Immunocompromised patient are at high risk than old aged people
above 60 years and children below 5 years at risk for the COVID-19 disease.

What is the treatment for the Coronavirus disease?

ANSWER: There is no vaccine, antiviral drug and treatment is available use
preventative measures to prevent this viral disease.

Should I travel during the Coronavirus disease outbreak?

ANSWER: Stay home stay safe. Don’t travel the high risk areas, travel only in
emergency conditions.

Article Source:

Muhammad Sarwar
“Institute of Microbiology University of Agriculture Faisalabad”


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