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Crayon’s Melted on Art Canvas Projects

Here is a fun and creative use of old crayons. Remember when you were young, and how you would take crayons an put them between two sheets of wax paper and melt them with an iron? This is very similar and just as easy. With help from an adult, let your kids make their own wall art with left over crayons.
Here’s how easy it is to do:

Gather crayons. I bought this huge bag from the Goodwill for about 1.99

I recycled a old canvas that I also purchased for $1. I put a thin coat of white paint to cover it.

Start with picking out what colors you would like to use. I started with different purple shades.

Peel off the wrappers

I used a crayon sharpener and let the flakes fall into a small plastic container.

I spread the shavings out in different patterns onto the canvas. I just put them loosely onto the canvas.

My 2nd choice of colors were in the yellow and orange tones.

Again, I placed them loosely onto the canvas.

3rd choice were blue tones.

I added them onto the canvas.

Finished up with some greens and more yellows.

Now the fun begins. Cover your Canvas with sheets of Wax Paper. Make sure you wax paper overlaps the ends.

Parents should help their kids with this part of the project. As the Iron gets very hot.

Start in the corner of the canvas and with a light touch use your iron to heat up the crayon. Just iron over the wax paper, melting the crayons.

Let the wax paper cool completely before removing. If you try removing while its still warm, you run the risk of pulling up the colors.

This is the finished canvas. If for some reason you don’t like the way it looks or you have empty spaces, you could go back over it gently to move the colors. But don’t do it to much, as the colors will all blend together not look so good.

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