Diseases You Can Get From Your Pet

Even if not all infectious agents from pets are transmitted to humans, pet animals are caring diseases. What is the best way to protect us? Hygiene as thorough as possible. Although we love them, we also have to be careful about some health aspect.

So. today you will find out what some diseases you can get from your pet.
Caress them, but with measure

Any animal lover loves to caress its favorite pet, but this must always be done with measure. And that’s because this activity can cause you itching or redness, caused by the animal’s external parasites. Mycosis is a common disease transmitted not only by dogs and cats, but also by hamsters or Indian piglets. Disease is a fungus that is manifested by whitish plaques that are localized especially on the hands and forearms.

Pregnant women can be infected with toxoplasmosis!

We all know what a positive influence a pet has on a pregnant woman, but she has to take a great care because she can infest with toxoplasmosis, a parasite that develops in the small intestine, especially of the kittens, and is eliminated in their excrement. The best solution to prevent such a problem to change the sand twice a day, always using gloves.

Fish can get you sick with salmonella

It’s great that after a tiring day to watch the multicolored fish in the aquarium. Take a great care because they can also transmit diseases, especially Salmonella, an infection that is manifested by diarrhea and high fever, the aquarium being a great environment to the development of these bacteria. Regarding the parrots, specialists say that when a parrot coughs, it can transmit the disease called psittacosis, the symptoms of which are fever and dry cough.


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