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DIY Concrete Letter and Ampersand

I’m thrilled to share with you guys this concrete letter and ampersand because I’m loving the way they turned out. I’ve been wanting to do some concrete projects FOREVER! I just need to get the supplies and get on it.

Materials used:

  • Bucket – I purchased mine at Lowe’s. 
  • 10 lb bag of concrete – You can use any pound bag, I was experimenting with this diy to see if it turned out right and it does.
  • Sheet – You can basically use anything to lay down, but I only had a sheet that I use for diys like this one.
  • Cardboard Ampersand & Letter – These can be purchased at Hobby Lobby and I got them for 50% off.
  • Stirrer – I found a random wood piece that worked perfectly for stirring the concrete.

DIY Concrete Letter and AmpersandDIY Concrete Letter and AmpersandBefore mixing the concrete, I cut off the top parts of the cardboard, that way I could pour the concrete into the letter and ampersand. This was really easy to do and once you get a cut going, you can pretty much pull off the rest.

DIY Concrete Letter and AmpersandI then mixed the concrete and poured it into the letter and ampersand. I didn’t care that it wasn’t smooth because I planned on sanding it once it dried. I let it dry for a day and then sanded certain areas that needed it.

DIY Concrete Letter and AmpersandDIY Concrete Letter and AmpersandOnce they were dried, the cardboard was moist, so all I had to do was peel off the cardboard, super easy!

DIY Concrete Letter and AmpersandDIY Concrete Letter and AmpersandThat’s it you guys! I find it weird that the texture is so different with both of them considering I used the same concrete and poured it in at the same time, but I love the texture and look of them both. I plan on making my husbands initial and a few other things, but I ran out of concrete this time around since I did a few other things with it, which you will see on the blog soon!

DIY Concrete Letter and AmpersandSo, what do you think of my concrete letter and ampersand? Have you made them before? I’d love to know! As always, thanks for stopping by!

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