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DIY Concrete Planters

A few moments ago I posted a diy for concrete letters and ampersand and I’ve been having fun creating different things out of concrete. I’m still messing around with a few other concrete projects, but I finished these concrete planters and couldn’t wait to share them with you all.

I used everything that I used to make the DIY Concrete Letter and Ampersand, except instead of using the letter and ampersand, I used some tupperware and Coca-Cola cans.
DIY Concrete PlantersBefore mixing the concrete, I sprayed the inside of the tupperware and the cans with cooking spray, that way it’d be easier to take them out of the concrete and tupperware.
DIY Concrete PlantersDIY Concrete PlantersDIY Concrete PlantersI then mixed the concrete and poured a fourth of concrete into the tupperware and then pushed the cans in the center. I poured concrete around the cans and then let the concrete dry overnight.
DIY Concrete PlantersThe cans came out pretty easily with a few pulls and the concrete came out right when I pulled it out of the tupperware. I sanded down certain areas that needed it and then I had concrete planters!
DIY Concrete PlantersI now have these lovely concrete planters sitting on my window sill and I’m sure I’ll be adding more very soon, because you can never have too many planters.
DIY Concrete PlantersHave you made concrete planters before or anything out of concrete? What do you think of these concrete planters? I’d love to know! As always, thanks for stopping by!
DIY Concrete Planters

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