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DIY Faux Shag Rug under $10

After several weeks of seriously looking (online & in stores) I had basically given up for the time being. I figured I would just have to wait until my budget allowed for something more expensive or jump on something if the magic rug showed up in front of me. Well, one kinda sorta did.

I was shopping at GW when I spotted this hot pink furry/shaggy fabric hanging among some towels and bath rugs. The color caught my eye first, but then I noticed the texture and realized it would be perfect as shag rug. It wasn’t thick enough to stand alone, but then another thought popped into my head. Why not wrap it over an existing rug and make the perfect inexpensive rug? There was plenty of fabric (about 3 or 4 yards) and it was only $4 bucks.

Up close shot of the fabric. I had a really hard time getting the pink show up correctly, but you can get an idea of the shagginess.

DIY Faux Shag Rug under $10It took another couple of weeks before I found the right size base rug and when I spotted one I snatched it up quick. I live fairly close to a Habitat for Humanity, so I like to visit it about once a week. While on one trip, I found this rug for $8. Perfect. Even more perfect was that when I went to check out rugs were on sale for half off, so I only paid $4. Awesome.

DIY Faux Shag Rug under $10I brought it home rolled it out, vacuumed and fabreezed it. Then I took the fabric and laid it on top just to be sure I had enough. There was plenty. Yeah.

DIY Faux Shag Rug under $10Now I flipped everything over and busted out the duct tape. I taped the ends first pulling it tightly without causing the base rug to curl. Then I worked my way down each side.

DIY Faux Shag Rug under $10With the taping complete, I flipped it back right side up to check it out. Everything looked good, so upstairs it went into my daughter’s room.

Ta-Da! It is super soft and fits perfectly into the space. My daughter will love it. She’s all about things being super soft and cuddly, so this is checks all the boxes for her. Pink. Soft. Furry. And, so far it’s holding up great. I’ve pulled it around the room, rolled it up and shifted it back and forth several times without any of the duct tape releasing. Now if only I can find two more perfect rugs for $8 each…seriously doubtful.

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DIY Faux Shag Rug under $10

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