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DIY Felt and Lace Trees

I present you one more time a method on how to create a small tree decoration for your Christmas this year. So I love these styrofoam cones from the dollar store – seriously. And here are a few more that I made that I wanted to share: two are made from felt and one from lace, all were cheap! I made all 3 for around $5!

DIY Felt and Lace TreesFor the first one I cut two inch strips from my white felt, just like I would for felt flowers. And hot glued them in half long ways.

DIY Felt and Lace TreesThen, I made little cuts all along the folded side. I measured them around the cone, cut them, and then hot glued the onto the cone. Then you just keep doing it all the way up!

DIY Felt and Lace TreesI took one of the scraps and glued it up into a flower for the top and glued it on.

DIY Felt and Lace TreesDone!!

DIY Felt and Lace TreesNow for the lace one, I grabbed this lace trim from Joanns for a couple of bucks.

DIY Felt and Lace TreesThen I just started at the bottom and spiraled my way up, gluing as I went!

I hadn’t planned on the last one like I did the other two, here is how it came about, I was stacking up the rest of the felt to put away and saw this:

DIY Felt and Lace TreesThen I thought, this would be cute on a tree! So I just cut the strips to size and glued them on and came up with this!

DIY Felt and Lace TreesThat was one happy accident!

DIY Felt and Lace TreesHere they are all together!

DIY Felt and Lace TreesWhat is your favorite way to decorate these cones?!!

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DIY Felt and Lace Trees

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