DIY Glass Jars With Knobs

Hello everyone! I started my morning finishing up a project I worked on yesterday. Ever see something you just love and you want to make something similar? Well, that’s the case in this post.
I’ve been seeing glass jars with knobs or door handles lately and I absolutely adore them! We have a lot and I mean a lot of glass jars just hanging out in one of our closets collecting dust. We go through glass jars like it’s our job and I refuse to throw them away. My inner crafter won’t let me! So I put them in the closet waiting for the day I need a few for a craft or two. Luckily that day has come!

DIY Glass Jars With KnobsMy favorite thing about the glass jars is that they are in all different sizes! I grabbed the largest one we have and then a medium and small. I liked the way they went down in size perfectly.

DIY Glass Jars With KnobsI went into Home Depot and bought three wooden drawer knobs, all the same size. They had tons of different options but I’m pretty sure these knobs weren’t meant for this project.

DIY Glass Jars With KnobsI spray painted both the lids and knobs with Rustoleum’s Satin Espresso. I just love the color, it reminds me of milk chocolate! I didn’t get a picture of the knobs spray painted but I waited for both to dry and then used a hot glue gun and glued the knobs onto the center of the lids.

DIY Glass Jars With KnobsThat’s it. Simple. Easy. Cheap.

DIY Glass Jars With KnobsAt first I wasn’t sure what I was going to fill them with, tons of ideas popped in my head. I finally settled on stuff that I use a lot, specifically for crafts. I filled the large jar with Sharpies because I tend to misplace them all the time, hopefully having them in one place will help with that. I doubt it. The medium I filled with miscellaneous material I use for different projects and the small one with glue sticks, I’m always using them!

DIY Glass Jars With KnobsDIY Glass Jars With KnobsI’m so happy I did these, I really love how they look. I love finding projects that inspire me to make my own. I know for a fact that I will be making more of these to hold all of my other craft supplies, they’re the perfect solution for holding all those miscellaneous things! How do you keep your supplies organized? As always, thanks for stopping by!

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