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DIY Ping Pong Light

Sometimes we need a little festiveness to make life a touch more fun and exciting! We tend to save special decorations for holidays and special occasions, but in the words of my late grandmother “you are a special occasion”. Ping pong lights are more affordable than cafe lights and it’s hard to find them as LEDs…I’m a total LED fan. You can make a set of pinger ponger lights for right at $19 and I’m not gonna lie: they make me smile whenever I see them!


  • String of LEDs – make sure you use LEDs otherwise you will have a mess on your hands. I prefer the type that plug-in (I used the type with exposed wire as I like the look better)
  • Ping pong balls> (get the cheap-o balls, they’re easier to cut into)
  • Craft knife

Note that you might have ping pong balls bouncing about while you make this – DO NOT try to catch them with the knife in your hand like I did…that would be really dumb and dangerous.

With your craft knife carefully cut a small “x” into the ping pong ball (don’t make the “x” too large or it won’t stay on the light).

DIY Ping Pong LightGently bend the wire into a curve (you don’t want to bend it sharply) near the edge of the light (it should easily bend, if it doesn’t you’re too close to the light) and push it into the “x”.

DIY Ping Pong LightDIY Ping Pong LightNow spread the wire along the ball and gently shape it to the ball. It’s not going to stay just so, but doing this helps keep the ball on the light.

DIY Ping Pong LightFollow the steps above a million times or until each light has a ping pong ball and you’re ready to display…now life is a little more exciting and it pushes life’s difficulties aside so you can enjoy the small things!

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