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DIY Spray Painted Animal Heads

Okay, I confess, I’m OBSESSED with spray painted animal heads! I’m obsessed with spray painting in general, but add animal heads to the equation and I’m a very happy girl! I found these four bad boys at Hobby Lobby… on clearance! For all four, I paid $30, talk about cheap compared to online prices!

DIY Spray Painted Animal HeadsThey’re random animals, but they’re so cool!

One of the many things I love about having a new place and barely having anything to decorate with… you get to pick whatever colors you want! Maybe I went a little too bold, but I picked a vibrant green and a aqua-like blue. I also purchased a gloss clear coat because they only sold satin in the aqua spray paint & I wanted them somewhat glossy.

DIY Spray Painted Animal HeadsMy favorite spray paint to use is Krylon and Rust-oleum. In my opinion, they cover everything up so well and it lasts a very long time.

DIY Spray Painted Animal HeadsThis is with one coat and no gloss, to me it seemed a little blah-ish.

DIY Spray Painted Animal HeadsI added about two more coats to get the rich blue color and then I sprayed two coats of  gloss to give the shine. I then got a little antsy and skipped to the next color to see what it’d look like beside the horse.

DIY Spray Painted Animal HeadsWith this one, I only had to coat him with spray paint twice. There was no need to gloss him because the spray paint I just so happened to quickly grab, had gloss in it as well, bonus!

After patiently waiting for the spray paint to dry, I finally hung them up.

DIY Spray Painted Animal HeadsThere pretty bold colors so I’m still getting use to them, what do you think of them? As always, thank you for stopping by!

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