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DIY Spray Painted Lace Candles

I’m loving how easy & fun these projects are. This project has been sitting in my diy love board on Pinterest for a very long time. I’m glad I can finally mark it off my list. I found them {here} & just loved the look of them.

All you need is candles (whatever size/color floats your boat), lace & spray paint.
DIY Spray Painted Lace CandlesI wanted something simple, so I went with silver spray paint. Now that it is completed I’m thinking I should have done a different color to give it a little more pop.
DIY Spray Painted Lace CandlesYou simply cut the amount of lace you need to go around the candle & then tape the lace to the candle. I used tiny strips of tape, that way there wouldn’t be huge white tape marks. I then taped off the top part so it wouldn’t get spray painted.
DIY Spray Painted Lace CandlesOnce that was all done I spray painted the candles & then took the lace off. There you have it. Along with using a different spray paint color, I think I should have used a more subtle lace, this one seems to be really busy. All in all I think it turned out really neat & will definitely do it again, with changes of course! What do you think of them? As always, thanks for stopping by!

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