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DIY Stackable Rings

Thin rings are great because you can wear a ton without cluttering your hands too much. I may have gone a little overboard on this DIY project. I started with one and then they were so easy to make I just couldn’t stop.

You will need:

– hardware wire
– Pliers and a wire cutter
– Lip balm
– Soldering gun/ pen (optional)
– Solder (optional)

DIY Stackable Rings


1. Cut 2-3 inches of wire
2. Wrap the wire around the lipbalm
3. Cut the excess wire with a wire cutter
4. (Optional) Solder where the ends meet to avoid having rough edges

DIY Stackable Rings DIY Stackable RingsIf you want to get a little more creative, try making the single knot or chevron rings.

DIY Stackable Rings DIY Stackable RingsDIY Stackable Rings

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