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DIY Sunburst Mirror

Hi friends! Ready for another easy project that I did years ago? I just found the steps and pictures and why not share it with you, right? I remember that Pinterest was full of these  sunburst mirrors. So, I thought, why pay a hefty price when I can make something similar for super cheap?! You guessed it, I remember I drove to Michael’s and bought everything I needed for under $15.

What I used:
-glue gun
-dowel rods (you can purchase these at Michaels, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes…etc.)
-spray paint
-7″ round mirror
-6″ round wooden plaque
-mounting squares (optional)

6″ round wooden plaque

7″ round mirror

I didn’t take pictures of a few steps because it’s pretty self explanatory. I bought eighteen, 36″ dowel rods. I didn’t realize until after I had already purchased them, that they sell them in quantities, already cut! (cheaper too!) For those of you who want to brave getting the 36″ ones, I bow down to you! They were such a pain for me, mainly because we don’t have anything to cut them with besides scissors. Yep, you guessed it, I had to cut them the hard way, with scissors! Let’s just say this part did take me quite awhile, it was worth it though and that’s exactly what I kept telling myself! Ha.

After cutting them into three pieces, all together I had a total of 54 pieces, I simply hot glued them to the back of the plaque. I like the way it looks staggered better than just the clean straight across way. While cutting them, I didn’t really pay attention to the size I was cutting. When you only have a few on, it looks a little funky, at first I was thinking, “what did I get myself into?!” The more it came along, I felt more at ease!

Looks better, huh? The mirror is an inch bigger than the wood, so it’ll hang over and you won’t even notice!

I used Krylon, cherry red. I’ve always had a problem with the gloss kind not being “glossy” enough for me, so I put two coats of Rustoleum clear gloss on and it passed my glossy standards!

I went a little more daring than ones I’ve been seeing, okay…a lot more daring! At first when it came out, I just stared, I don’t think my mind processed how bold of a color it was. I’m still adjusting to the color, haha.

This step was super, super easy! I used my hot glue gun and put some glue on the wood plaque, then I laid down the mirror. Instead of putting another nail hole in our wall, I decided to use mounting squares, the mirror is light weight so I knew that four mounting squares would be plenty.

I think it turned out great, I’m still iffy about the color, who knows, I might change it! It looks great above our dresser in our bedroom.

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