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DIY Vinyl Bowls

How do they do it? Make bowls out of vinyl records? I’ve tried it and I think it went very well!DIY Vinyl Bowls

This DIY project I’ve been thinking about trying for months and at last, yesterday I got the time to “cook my own records”. There are a lot of different ways to do this and if you take a quick search you’ll find different tips on how to make the perfect bowl. I’ve found one way which worked out great and it involves a vinyl record, an oven, a tin can and 200°F. I want to keep the centerpiece intact, and I want to be able to touch the record when I take it out of the oven without burning my hands.DIY Vinyl Bowls

My way: Put a tin can inside the oven (in the middle) and place the vinyl record centered on top of it. Wait 10-15 minutes, open the oven door and place six fingers on the vinyl folds on the side and press together. If you have achieved a six-pointed star shape you can lift it out, both the vinyl and the tin box. Keep the shape with your fingers pressing until the vinyl is cool and hard again. This is shown on the picture beneath.DIY Vinyl Bowls

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DIY Vinyl Bowls

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