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DIY Wrapped Bottles

I love how these bottles look, I first picked up how to do this from the blog Pieces of Anna and have gone crazy ever since. I agree with Anna’s tutorial and like to start wrapping from the bottom of the bottle, I have read other tutorials that show starting from the top and wrapping down, but I had no luck ever getting that to work out and have as polished of a look as I like. I also tried using hot glue and that had TERRIBLE results, there were lumps under the string from the glue and it was hard to get glue put down fast and enough and then get string wrapped on it nicely enough to have a polished look.

What you need:

  • Glass bottle
  • Elmer’s Glue
  • Jute, Hemp, Cotton string or wrapping medium of choice
  • Lots of patience

I have a touch of OCD with how I wrap the sting and how often I push the string down, I do not care for any gaps in between the stings. Therefore a good solid unmovable base is required so the string won’t get pushed off the bottle with my frequent string squishing. I start with a heavy ring of glue around the bottle of the bottle to make sure the first few wraps are nice and secured. Getting the first few rows set in place is probably one of the most frustrating parts of this process.
With my large ring of glue I usually wrap one or two rounds and then try to get it to flatten out and become even with the bottom of the bottle. Once the string has a pretty good grip in the glue I like to set it down on something flat  and then push down lightly on the string to make sure that when the bottle is sitting on a surface that you cannot see any of the glass base or any gaps between strings.
After I make sure the string is flat with the bottom of the bottle I let it set and dry for 10-20 minutes. Letting it dry completely gives a sturdy base to work off of without worrying about pushing the base string out of line or off the bottle. I then put another ring of glue higher up and start wrapping, making sure that each new round is against the previous one. The wrapping can go faster here because you have a nice sturdy base of string to use as your guide and build up from. After I wrap 3-4 round I will stop flip the bottle right side up again ( see below) and push down on the rounds to make sure that there are NO gaps between each string layer. I think being able to see the glass between the layers ruins the look of it but if you were going for a gap type style then feel free to skip the frequent stops to push the layers together.
Since I usually stop after an inch or two of progress to let things dry and set in place,in the beginning I only put a half inch of glue all the way around since it took me a while to get the hang of wrapping it around before the glue layer dried.If the glue does dry before you get to it, it’s no problem just put some more on, it’s thin enough that you won’t be able to tell more glue was put on.Now I like to wrap bottles while sitting on the couch watching TV, it’s fairly easy to do without much attention now.

Just keep adding more glue rings and then wrapping string
Keep repeating until you get to the upper part of the bottle where the slant starts. You will want to make sure what you have previously done has a chance to dry since I think the slant is the hardest an most frustrating part of the bottle. It’s hard to wrap because the string always wants to slip up the slant of the bottle if you tug on the string even a litte while wrapping, as you can see it doing below.
I usually end up wrapping one round then letting it dry then wrap another. Once you start to get up the slant a bit then there is a nice track for the sting to lay against and it ins’t so bad. With the slope done it’s smooth sailing the rest of the way.
Continue wrapping till you get the string even with the top of the bottle, and then again I let it dry to make wrapping the top easier since it won’t slip around as much.
The once that is dry just coil the string on top of the lip and all traces of the glass bottle are gone!

Add any extras or embellishments that fit your decor and style, and TaaaDaaa! A Wrapped Bottle!

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