DIY Yarn Organizer

A yarn organizer will help keep yarn from getting tangled up, and keep it away from busy little hands 😉 If you knit socks two at a time or are knitting fair isle having your yarn in a couple of these will help keep the various strands under control.

DIY Yarn Organizer

Of course not all of us have formula cans sitting around!  This same technique could be used on coffee cans or other similar containers.  One suggestion though: find a lid with a color you like!  I thought it would look cool to cover the lid with yarn, and it would have…if I’d been able to do it properly!  It’s not too bad, there’s just a tad bit of blue showing through on the sided.  I ended up getting a white piece of paper and gluing it to the top of the lid so nothing would show through.  Although, you could also just cover the lid with some fancy looking paper or spray paint it.


  • Yarn (I used 3 different colors of worsted weight)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Can/container
  • Sharp object for poking a hole in the lid
  • Paper (optional)

DIY Yarn Organizer


  1. Starting at the bottom of your container, glue one end of the yarn to the bottom and start wrapping your yarn around the container, gluing as you go.
  2. To add the stripe effect like I did, glue another strand on and wrap both strands side by side until you are ready to switch colors.  When you are done with a color, simply cut the yarn and glue it into place.DIY Yarn Organizer
  3. Continue wrapping until you get to the end of the canister, making sure the yarn is tight and snug.  Cut the yarn and glue it into place.
  4. For the lid, poke a hole in the center with a sharp object, and then expand it with a pen or pencil.  You can either leave the lid as is, spray paint it, cover it with paper or wrap yarn around it in a similar manner.
  5. Place your yarn in the container (either in a ball or as a center pull to make things easier), thread it through the hole in the lid, place the lid on the container and make something fun!
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   DIY Yarn Organizer

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