Many people are uncertain of limes and lemons which are very comparable exotic fruits. Not only their flavor is very similar, their dietary attributes are similar too. But although they are similar they are also showing a great deal of variety. Clinically, lime is recognized as Citrus fruit aurantifolia, whilst lemons are generally part of Citrus family. In physical comparison, lemon is overgrown than lime. Their flavor is sharp, compared to limes which are bitter but based on the assortment can be sweet too.

The shape of the lemons is oval. However, limes have round form. In fact, these fruits consist big volume of C-vitamin, like most of the fruits from citrus family. In general, lemons possess 53 milligrams C-vitamin. However, twenty-nine milligrams C-vitamin can be found in limes. Limes consist large quota of A-vitamin, whilst lemons include a large portion of kainite and folacin.

It was described earlier, that both fruits possess similar dietary attributes. Lemons and limes have the almost similar amount of minerals and vitamins which are loaded with glutathione peroxidase that may deal with the tumor. Lemons and limes possess limonene that may help against agents’ triggering cancer. Although the flavor is acid, they possess alkali attributes within origin. These citric fruits can get rid of poisonous substances in our body that are the main basis of abnormal enlargements along with causing diseases for example diabetes, including cancer too.

In this post, it was explained that fruits healthy attributes which explains the suggestions of the doctors to add these products to the menu. If you want to improve your health in general, you should start adding citric fruits into your daily menu.


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