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Funny Wine Glass Challenge Videos

From dancing to baking, TikTok and Instagram are full of fun challenges to try, but the latest one might be the most entertaining to watch. The #WineGlassChallenge is making the rounds on social media, and it requires lots of patience, some potentially wasted wine, and an easy-going attitude when it comes to getting wet. To do the challenge, just get a friend or family member and sit one behind the other on the floor. The person in front balances a wine glass in their mouth and slowly leans back so the person in the back can sip, hopefully without wine spilling everywhere. The results? People — including some celebrities, like comedian Whitney Cummings — either hilariously failing or beautifully nailing this challenge.

If you don’t want to waste wine or risk any stains, feel free to swap in water or really any beverage, as long as it’s still in a wine glass. And if you want to make your video extrafun, you can set it to a song — lots of people are setting their attempts to Tyga and Curtis Roach’s “Bored in the House,” a nod to being at home while social distancing. Keep reading to see hilarious videos of the challenge now, then go ahead and try it for yourself!


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