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Growth Chart Keepsake with Magnetic Photo Strip

I decided I wanted to do something special. A diy growth chart ruler complete with a magnetic strip to clip fun photos on. Check out how I made it for me… to remember your
A trip to the craft store will supply you with everything you need: vinyl numbers, 1″ wide magnetic strip tape (at least 6″ long) and a black paint pen. Maybe stop at the hardware store if you don’t happen to have a 6′ board laying around. Or any wood stain and paint. Oh, and don’t forget the FrogTape Shape Tape. I got the ‘wave’ but chevron shape is super cute!

I decided to stain my board first but you always could paint the pattern on and then stain over it. The FrogTape was easy to work with and I pretty much eyeballed it in terms of straightness. The tape didn’t stretch out of shape so I simply pulled it tight and ran my hand down slowly to adhere it to the board.
I rubbed the edges firmly with my fingertips to help keep any paint from seeping underneath before applying my paint.
This was after just one coat but I painted a second coat right on top of this one before it even dried. As soon as you’re done painting, remove the tape! At least that’s what the Frog said to do.
I love this fun shape! I let it dry overnight but couldn’t leave well enough alone and decided to take a piece of fine-grit 220 sandpaper to the strip to buff it just a bit. Then I dabbed a paper towel into the stain and lightly ran it down the strip then quickly wiped it off with another paper towel.
Now I’m dating myself here but the old fashioned rulers I used in school had that metal thingy along the edge. I thought it would be fun to run a strip of magnetic tape down the side to mimic that look, but also add a fun element. A place to add pictures next to the kid’s growth line! Printed Instagram photos would be perfect. Plus it helped hold the measuring tape down while I marked the lines with a paint marker.
I used a scrap piece of wood for a straight edge and marked how far I wanted my foot-line marks. I made smaller marks for the inches then used my handy-dandy CCL to apply the vinyl numbers.
Here is how it turned out!
Decorate a few magnet-clothespins with washi tape. The yellow polka-dot is Duck Fabric Tape. Have you seen this stuff?!?
I think that your kids will be so happy that they can be officially measured. And if you ever move you can take your Growth Chart with you. Cutting a huge piece of sheetrock out of the wall is no longer necessary.

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