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Holderness Family’s 1980s Guide to Self-Isolation Video

Parents who are home with the kids have probably thought about what life in self-isolation would be like without cell phones, computers, and tons of TV channels to choose from. Recently, the Holderness family painted a hilarious picture of what families would be up against if they hopped in a time machine and landed in the 1980s, and yes, we’re more grateful for modern technology than ever.

In the video, parents Penn and Kim Holderness take their two kiddos through the activities they did while growing up. Whether they’re explaining the subpar graphics on Oregon Trail, teaching them the ins and outs of doing your own ’80s hairstyle, or explaining the challenges (and back pain!) that come with breakdancing, we could all certainly use the laugh.

Of course, the video was created in jest, and Penn and Kim signed off by saying they are “totally kidding” and feel for the kids who are missing out on big events like prom and graduation while staying home to self-isolate. Watch until the end for a much-needed dose of nostalgia.


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