How To Cure Drooping Veins With Only One Ingredient

– Preparation and use

Accumulate buds and blossoms, products of the soil of youthful branches from horse chestnut.


The buds have esculin, the blossoms quercetin just as tannin, just as the organic product – starches, solid proteins, esculin, sterol, nutrient P, B1, C and K, minerals. The saponin contained in the bark of the branches and organic product, manages skin sicknesses, it weakens the blood and makes it less clingy.

Readiness and use:

Pony chestnuts are chiefly utilized as a medication for veins. Salves against burns from the sun, tea that keeps away from fever and ague, uneasiness, heaps, detachment of the insides, and hacking are likewise produced using it.

Natively constructed schnaps for outside treatment of varicose veins

20 products of pony chestnut are squashed, and overflowed 1 liter of an all the more dominant household liquor. The liquid is kept in a shut container for precisely 40 days. You ought to regularly blend it in with a wooden spoon. Following 40 days strain it through a strainer and kept it shut in a spotless compartment. Before use, the jug should be shaken to mix the buildup. Spread the outside of the varicose veins with it, yet don’t rub it! During this the schnaps becomes white cleanser and furthermore is quickly drenched directly into the skin. The veins are dealt with a few times each day. This beverage can be utilized – spread out on the influenced zone and the aggravated legs and furthermore for managing cellulite.

Concentrate from wild chestnuts

1) 4-5 products of pony chestnut are ground and poured more than 1 liter of cold cognac. The container ought to be left for 6 two months and after that it ought to be stressed. This embodiment is eaten in drops to manage veins and dissemination, varicose vessels of the legs, thrombophlebitis. The nutrient P raises the obstruction of the veins.

2) Over 12 to 15 flours and crisp ground chestnut pour 250 ml of cold cognac and blend. At the point when it chills off strain it.

It is expended in drops 3 times each day 15 to 20 drops in water or on a desserts solid shape.

Pony chestnut balm

20 g of concentrate of pony chestnut and 60 g of minimal warmed lanolin (from a medication store) mix decent with a wooden spoon to join. Spread over the veins at that point spread with a mortar.

While setting up the items from horse chestnut, the item should not be in contact with iron or tin. You could make it in the porcelain, finish or glass dishes.

Against Dysentery: Tea of 30g bark in 1 liter of water.

Against Diarrhea: Grate half of chestnut and consolidate it with a glass of merlot or espresso.

Against Rheumatism: in equivalent sums, blend bark of youthful branches, shell of nut and willow. From the blend take 2 tablespoons and steam down the middle a liter of water. The fluid needs to remain for 10 minutes, strain and devour it in the early morning and as night in a little cup.



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