How To Detect A Liar In A Few Seconds

Nobody likes to know that it was lied, but some people lie every day. And it’s not about the little harmless lies that you say in order to protect a person. Fortunately, there are some ways you can figure out if you are dealing with a liar in a few seconds. How can you realize that the man in front of you is a liar?

Words are harder to decipher when it comes to lies, because the person in question can repeat and control the speech. Actions are more expressive than words. Some of the gestures that help you identify a liar include:
1. A person who lie, smiles less

Research found that people tend to smile less when they lie, especially men. In his study, Paul Ekman realized that people associate the lie with the smile, so when they lie, they feel the need to reduce the smile. If someone smiles while they are lying, the smile tends to be less authentic.

2. A liar scratches his throat

Another gesture to spot a lie is scratching the neck just under the earlobe. This action is done in a particular way – with the index finger of the dominant hand. This action is a signal of uncertainty and doubt that occurs when a person doesn’t tell the truth.

3. A lying person touches its face a lot

Putting a hand on the face is probably one of the most common signs of lying. This mean covering the eyes, forehead or cheeks. Children often cover their mouths, ears or eyes to stop talking, listening or seeing. These gestures are always exaggerated, but as we get older we become faster and less obvious, but we still use them. However, these gestures don’t always indicate a serious lie.

4. A liar touches his nose when he speaks

Scientists at Chicago’s Foundation for Treatment and Research of Odor and Taste discovered that the human nose expands when the person in question lies. This is caused by the release of chemicals due to the pressure when you say a lie, causing swelling of the nose tissue. This inflammation can create a tingling sensation that the liar will want to get rid of and touching his nose.


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