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How to Dye those Faded Jeans

So a few months ago I decided to go on a no spend spree. Have you ever challenged yourself not to spend money for a period of time? I mean when you actually have money to spend and decide not to spend it (un-American, I know). I decided to hold off on all non-essential spending for a month. When you put yourself in a disciplined exercise like this, your mind will come up with all kinds of “interesting” and “creative” ways to entertain and take care of your home.

During this time, I took a good long look at my favorite jeans. I’ve had these jeans for a few years, 3 or 4 years in fact, and I could really use a new pair (or two). I’m short, so a good pair of jeans that fit my challenged height are difficult for me to find, even more difficult is finding a pair that fits the rest of me (ahem). After many years, these jeans were beyond faded. But not any more!
How to Dye those Faded JeansHere they are after a good dye job that cost less than $2. Not bad. Not bad at all!
But here’s what they used to look like. You can see just how much I love to wear my jeans by how faded they are.
How to Dye those Faded JeansOn most days, you can find me in one of these pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and my hair pulled in a ponytail. I rarely put on make up on these days, but I do manage to get my teeth brushed. I home school, clean, organize, and blog a bit on most days- it’s the fabulous life, I know!
How to Dye those Faded JeansI “heard” dying jeans would bring them back to life. I had my doubts, but I was willing to take the plunge and sacrifice the denim duo. All the while I was thinking, PLEASE WORK, PLEASE WORK!
How to Dye those Faded JeansI picked up a box of Rit dye, followed the directions which include boiling the dye and pouring the liquid in the washing machine with your piece of clothing. The directions tell you to dye one article at a time for a certain period.  I added both pair of jeans and doubled the time. That makes sense, right?
How to Dye those Faded JeansIt worked! The jeans darkened and the yellow threading remained intact. I like the results as a quick fix, but the color isn’t quite “blue jean” blue. If I had to do it again though, I would in a heart beat.
How to Dye those Faded JeansAnd after a few months, the color does fade a bit, but not nearly as much as before.

So if you need to save a bit but need some new jeans, the dye job is a great way to go. Hope you found some help here today. Have a great day everyone!

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