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How to encourage your hair’s natural curls

Getting natural looking curls can be a challenge if your hair is normally straight. However, there are some techniques you can use to create natural looking curls, such as using bobby pins to make pin curls, rag-rolling your hair, using curlers, and using braids and buns to curl your hair. There are also some things you can do to enhance your curls if your hair already has a bit of wave to it.

1. Ditch the hairbrush

  • Curly hair tends to be more dry and brittle than other types, so pulling a hairbrush through it will cause breakage and iron out your curl’s natural shape. To untangle, run a wide-toothed comb through your hair while you condition in the shower. Leave it well alone after that.

2. Swap your oily serum for a light curl creme

  • Oils and serums are great for smoothing down fly-aways, but, if definition is what you covet, treat your mid lengths to ends to something lighter. The milky formula of Bumble and Bumble’s (STYLE) Defining Creme, helps curls reform in next to no time without weighing them down.

3. Always use a diffuser when blow-drying

  • A diffuser is essential for evening out curl patterns. To give your curls some shape, simply turn your hairdryer on to the ‘low’ setting and drop them into the diffuser. Use your hands to push your hair around to make sure you define every strand.

4. Avoid ‘anti-frizz’ products

  • Shampoos, conditioners and serums which claim to rid your lengths of frizzies and flyaways will only give weight to curls and drag them down. Curly hair is often dry, but, Redken’s All Soft Shampoo, provides parched strands with a shot of nourishment all while defining tousles effortlessly.

5. Change up your mousse game

  • Kerastase’s Mousse Curl Ideal, is a game-changer. It is packed with malleable proteins that strengthen every curl without that stiff feeling. If you go a little overboard with product, a puddle of OGX’s Moroccan Argan Oil, will cut through any crispiness, softening the curl and making your style last longer.

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