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How To Get Glass Skin Naturally At Home

Learn how to get glass skin naturally at home using natural ingredients that you may already have in your kitchen! If you want to get glass skin fast at home, the following remedy will help you start seeing results quickly.

Note: If you have skin allergies or are allergic to any of the ingredients in the following remedy, please refrain from using it just to be safe.

How To Get Glass Skin Naturally At Home

Taking care of your skin using natural remedies can get you fast results but always remember that natural ingredients on the skin can and may lead to irritation, inflammation and skin allergies. This is why we highly recommend getting a skin patch test before using home remedies on your skin.

ACV & Rose Water


  • 1 Tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
  • 1 Tablespoon of Rosewater

Preparation & Application

Mix both ingredients and apply it to your face using a cotton swab, leave it on for 10 minutes before washing it off with warm water. Repeat this remedy 4 times per week to get glass skin.

Rosehip Oil

Rosehip essential oil contains Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids, Vitamin E and A which helps get rid of dark spots, marks, and acne scars.


Preparation & Application

Add the rosehip oil to a cotton swab and apply it to your face, leave it on overnight and wash it off in the morning. Repeat this remedy 4 times per week for a glass skin.

Skin Care Routine For Glass Skin

Oil Massage

One of the best natural remedies for getting a smooth glass skin texture is coconut oil, simply applying a small amount to your skin and massaging it daily will help make your smooth. You can also add in a few drops of argan or jojoba essential oil to your coconut oil and mix it well before applying it for the best results.

Herbal Soap

Make sure that you wash your face daily using a chemical-free herbal soap that does not cause skin irritation. Washing your face regularly will help you get rid of toxins, dirt and free radicals naturally thus also making your skin look smooth and shiny.

Homemade moisturizer

Make a homemade face moisturizer and use it daily on your face to obtain a glass skin.


  • 4 Drops of vitamin e oil
  • 2 Tablespoons of aloe vera gel

Preparation & Application:

Mix both ingredients into a fine paste and use it as a moisturizer daily to get a smooth glass skin texture. You can store this remedy for up to 2 weeks before making a new batch.

Lastly, you can use ice packs on your face daily to help you get rid of open pores, make your skin glow and give you glass skin.


There you go! You now know how to get glass skin naturally at home using natural ingredients! If you liked this post, please share it with your friends and also take a moment to follow us on Pinterest and Facebook for more helpful Skin Care Tips & remedies.

How To Get Glass Skin Naturally At Home


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