How to Make a Thankful Jar

Well before we get to all the Christmas craziness, let’s take a moment to remember the holiday that the retail world would like us all to skip right over, Thanksgiving.  Fun fact, in 1939 Fred Lazarus, Jr, then owner of The Federated Department Stores which later became Macy’s, persuaded President Roosevelt to move Thanksgiving from the last Thursday in November to the fourth Thursday to give retailers more time to sell for Christmas.  The power of retail.

Anyway, I thought it would be nice to make something that would remind my family of all the great things we have and the meaning of the holiday.  Sometimes people spend too much time focusing on the have nots when they should be focused on the haves and this is the season to be grateful for all that you are blessed with.  Enter, the Be Thankful jar.

With a few things you probably already have around the house, you can put this together.  Here is what you will need:

-Mason Jar
-Stainless Steel Pipe Clamp
-Piece of wood (your choice on size, mine is a 1×6 that I cut to 15″ long.)
–Scrapbook Paper
-Mod Podge
-Stencils if you have horrible writing skills like me
-Gold spray paint

Thankful Jar materials

A nice fall update on some silver hardware with gold spray paint

The first thing I did was spray paint the jar top and the pipe clamp gold.  I think gold is much more fallish than silver and I am kinda into everything gold right now so it had to happen.

I also painted the wood black.  Before you paint the wood, make sure it is the size you want.  I wanted mine the same height as my jar so this piece worked perfectly for me.

Make a Be Thankful sign

Next, I stenciled the words “Be Thankful” on the wood and went over it in white paint.  I had to use the old fashioned paint and paint brush method because I didn’t put my paint marker cap on tight enough and it dried out…oops.

My four year old took this picture…pretty good huh?

Stencil your letters and then adjust to make sure they look the way you want

Use a stencil to trace your letters then fill in with paint

After that was done, I attached the picture wire to the back.  Obviously one side was going to be heavier because of the jar but I had no D rings soooooo I made a little loop on the right side and used an extra nail to hang it up :) Way to improvise right?

How I cheated to hang a sign when I didn't have D clips

I used the pipe clamp to hold the jar onto the sign.  To attach it I just screwed two screws through the slats.  Don’t use wood screws, they won’t go through the metal and if you persist, they may spin so fast without going anywhere that they start to smoke and smell like fire…not that I know from experience or anything.

Use a pipe clamp to hold a mason jar to a sign

To decorate the clothespin I used Mod Podge to glue on a piece of scrapbook paper that was kind of fall themed.  I just cut it to size.  Easy peasy.  Then I nailed the clothespin onto the sign.

Use mod podge to decorate a clothes pin

I cracked the wood a little but it’s only holding some pieces of paper to write things you are thankful for so there is no heavy lifting.

Be thankful sign clothes pin

I fought that mason jar into the pipe clamp and tightened it down.  My clamp may have been a liiiiitle too small but it was what I had so I sweat a little trying to get it in correctly.  I screwed on the collar and added some cut up scrapbook paper in the clothespin to write down thankful thoughts and that was it.

Create this great Thankful Jar with just a few materials

Oh one last thing, Use a paint marker or Sharpie to add the year to the lid and after you are done filling your jar, seal it up and save it to reminisce the next time you dig all your decorations out.  I think it will be a new tradition for us.

Use a paint marker to mark the year on the top of your thankful jar

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