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How to make an orange peel candle

I’ve been wanting to make one of these for a while so I was very elated and excited to find out my boyfriend (independent of me) decided to find a tutorial online and make one himself. He was under the impression it would make the entire house smell like oranges, and since our house usually smells less pleasant than oranges, he set about making the candle with extra zeal.

How to make an orange peel candle

First you’re going to want to gently carve your orange. Try to keep the top part intact so your candle can have a hat. We were pretty unsuccessful at that part.  The most important thing is to keep the long stem in the middle intact (the wick). Pour your choice of oil into the orange. We tried both olive and canola oil. Canola oil smells better.

Estimated burn time is about one hour. But if your candle lacks a hat its more around 30 minutes. Also, this will not make your house smell like oranges, but it is very pleasing to look at and gives you the ability to use something twice that you would normally have thrown away!

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How to make an orange peel candle

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