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How to Redo a Bathroom Vanity Light Fixture – Makeover Addition!

I wanted to share a little victory I had with a project I have been debating for quite some time. When we moved into our house, the vanity light fixtures in the master bathroom were terrible. They were dirty, they were rusty, they had the riveted glass cups over the lights, they needed to go. However, I looked and looked and never found anything I liked enough to justify paying the $50-100 price tag to replace one, much less two light fixtures. I finally got annoyed with them enough to just start messing with them, I figured they were hideous as it was, I could only make them better or if I screwed up I would just get new fixtures.

The good news is that I succeeded in getting the look I was going for and for a fraction of the price it would have cost to buy new fixtures!

What you need:

  • Painters tape
  • Sandpaper or steel wool
  • Spray paint finish you love
  • New glass cups {Depends on if you need/want a different style}
  • Clear light bulbs


This was so much easier than I thought it would be. The first thing I did, after taking the old light down from the wall, was CLEAN it, to get all the dust and scum off. Then use some sand paper{fine grain} or steel wool and sand it down, I sanded until I got the rust spots as even as possible. The light fixture in the picture above is grey because I changed my mind once it was painted that I wasn’t loving it.
Once the sanding was done, you can take your spray paint of choice, and go to town. I choose a Rust-o-leum Metallic style paint {flat burnished amber}, it comes with paint and primer in one, eliminating the need for multiple coats.

Boom! Awesome finish with only one coat!
Oh, and make sure you tape the socket, so paint doesn’t ruin the connection for the light bulb and tape it all the way up on the ceramic socket. Otherwise you will have an unwanted tape/paint pattern, trust me, I have to deal with what I did to mine. Below, shows the left picture where I didn’t get the tape all the way and now I have half the socket painted. The right shows one that I wrapped all the way and is nice and paint free.
To paint the screws and center screw piece, I found sticking them into a piece of cardboard works best for getting a nice even coat when using spray paints. Like below.
I also gave the fixture a more modern look by getting new glass cups. I went from the frosted ribbed glass to clear seeded glass. The switch also meant I had to use clear light bulbs, otherwise it looks goofy.

Easy Peasy!
I was able to redo two light fixtures for about $40 total AND I got to completely tailor the look. Now, I need to work on my photography skills, these pictures don’t do them justice!
I need to enjoy them while I can before we move, boo!

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