Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack

Many a young lass has dreamed of a fabulously roomy closet to house her ever-growing collection of hip and cool fashions. But what about the unfortunate ones?

The unlucky gals whose storage spaces are more likely to be mistaken for a shoebox than a proper closet?

What about those struggling fashionistas who aren’t lucky enough to have their closet dreams of glory realized?

I wanted a free-standing, sturdy storage solution. A DIY clothing rack made out of galvanized pipes. The only tool I needed was a wrench to help twist the pipes a little tighter at times.

All the silver components are 3/4 inch galvanized steel and the darker pieces are black pipe items.Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack

If you’ve ever worked with pipes, you’ll find that they sell them a little greasy from the store. I put the clothing rack together first, then set it outside so it could be cleaned. I was on my way to a soccer game so I just left it on the back patio while I was gone. Well, as luck would have it, it ended up raining a bit. I wasn’t worried though, because the rack was made of steel. Unfortunately, I was naive to the fact that while galvanized piping can indeed survive a deluge of water, the black piping most certainly cannot. It began to rust immediately. (Like the exact minute the first drop fell from the sky.)Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack

Fortunately, I was able to scrub most of the rust off. (Gee, that was really quite fun.) There are still a few rusty orange remnants though, but we’re telling ourselves that it just lends itself to a more industrial look.Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack

Industrial Pipe Clothing RackThe DIY clothing rack has worked so well. (Full tutorial coming in a future post.) My daughter loves it. It was easy and a bit fun to put together, too. (Now I want to make everything out of pipes.)

So what about you? Have you put your muscle to good use with a pipe creation of your own? And what about your closet? Large and luxurious or more Lilliputian in nature?

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Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack

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