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Marking the Garden

With my herb garden going full steam ahead this year I almost bought some garden markers, but thought I could make some for much cheaper. I found ones that I loved, but are $10 a pop. And while I think they are worth the price, my crafty frugal side thinks I could make them for a fraction of the cost. For the herb garden alone I needed eleven garden markers.

The thrifty monster in me would probably never shell out $77+ for garden markers, but for $20, sure.


  • Polyuerthane, from home
  • Mod Podge, from home
  • Print out of cute pictures of herbs with names on parchment paper, made it using Google Images. Then I just pasted the images to Microsoft Word and chose a font I liked.
  • Silver spoons, $19.58 for 11, from local antique/thrift store
  • Paint brush, from home
  • (not pictured) rubber mallet and scrap wood

On average each garden marker cost $1.78 Frugality Win!

The great thing about always trying to make stuff yourself is you almost always have the supplies at home. 🙂

The first thing I did was semi-flatten the silver spoons with a rubber mallet on top of some scrap wood. You could skip this step, I just liked the look of the flattened spoon better.

Next, I cut out the herb images and Mod Podged ’em to the spoons and let them dry a couple hours. Please note Mod Podge is not water proof. If you want to use the markers outside you gotta seal them.

Once they are dry, you can add a coat of polyuerthane. Let dry for a 24 hour period. I wanted two coats, so I repeated and let dry for another 24 hours.

Marking the Garden Marking the Garden Marking the GardenI hope that you will like my markers how they turned out.

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