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Max Greenfield’s Funny Homeschool Videos With Daughter Lilly

New Girl alum Max Greenfield and his twin daughter, Lilly, have been trying to navigate this new world of homeschooling in recent weeks, and, well, it’s not going all that great for them. Like many of us, Max is reaching deep into his brain to fish out what he can remember from his own school experiences; though Lilly says maybe if he hadn’t spent so much time “puff puff puff”ing and “glug glug glug”ing through his own high school and college years (it’s OK, we’re not here to judge, Max), he’d remember more.

“God bless the teachers (the real ones),” Max captioned one of the videos, adding in another one, “#HomeSchooling #ProfessorGreenfield God Help Us All.” Sounds like the mood in the Greenfield house matches the one in all of our homes.

Keep scrolling to see Max and Lilly’s most hilarious clips of homeschool life (some of which feature choice phrases we can only imagine Max fed to Lilly prior to filming, though if he didn’t, we are even bigger fans of Lilly than we originally thought).


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