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Painted Animal Jars

I’ve been in love with those painted animal jars ever since I saw them come across my Pinterest feed – for one reason or another I never bothered to make them. I realized I had a great stash of jars and all I needed was animals and spray paint.

I wasn’t really feeling spray paint so I pulled out Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint, and themed a few of these guys for Valentine’s. Instead of waxing these (which would have been a pain) I am going to seal them with poly (this is my fave poly because you don’t have to sand it).
Painted Animal Jars Painted Animal Jars Painted Animal JarsI used Schleich animals and it pained me dearly to paint them as they are such beautiful little toys. I used E6000 glue to adhere the little guys to the lids of the jars… you don’t want to see how awful my tube of glue looks! For brushes I used chip brushes, and can I tell you how much I love using chip brushes for Chalk Paint and milk paint? I am a huge fan of Dollar Tree’s brushes, but I use so many brushes when I paint that even a dollar is hard to justify – chip brushes are about half the cost and they work great for the Chalk Paint and milk paint!
Painted Animal JarsPainted Animal JarsThese little jars would be perfect filled with a treat or even just filled with crinkle paper for a gift!
Painted Animal Jars

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Painted Animal Jars

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