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Recycle or Repurpose Your Bra

I’ve worried about even posting this, but it’s just too funny not to share. I’ll apologize right up front if I offend anybody. Greg and I were sitting up at the Lodge with a friend of ours and she pulled this out of a bag.

She had ordered it and it was way too big (no kidding, I thought it was some type of boat).

Recycle or Repurpose Your Bra
She couldn’t return it and ask if I could do something with it.
Recycle or Repurpose Your Bra
I made her a purse!

I’m going to fill it with a couple bottled waters when I give it to her.
Get it? Water Bra.

Recycle or Repurpose Your BraAs Larry the Cable guy would say, “Please forgive me for this one”!

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