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Removing Wax from Candle Jars

I haven’t been in Bath and Body Works for a few years, and during a recent visit I fell in love with the mini candle’s containers and their golden lids. Not the candles just the containers… a little nutty I know. I had a thought on how I could use them – they were the perfect size for storing earring backs!

I have been storing all of my earrings backs in little bags, little bags that are hard to reach into and never get sealed because it’s just far too much trouble to bother. The little bags spill, all over my jewelry drawer and the earring closures get lost which means I have to wait for new backs to arrive.

Removing Wax from Candle JarsUse the candles up and when they were finished pull out the wick anchor; make sure you don’t burn your fingers! Once the candles are coolish, but the wax was still soft wipe as much of it out as you can. When the holders are 100% cool put a little rubbing alcohol in the holders and let them sit for a bit. The rubbing alcohol helps remove the adhesive that once held the wick anchors. Using a Magic Eraser remov the sticker residue from the barcode and all of the extra wax and give the holders a wash with soap. Now your candle holders are ready for their new life.

Removing Wax from Candle Jars Removing Wax from Candle JarsNow the jars can be filled with earring backs or any little thing that you need to store!

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