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Scrap Wood Organizer

Most likely you have seen a DIY project like this on other blogs and definitely on Pinterest. However usually it is shown as a necklace holder but really it can be used for so much more. So grab a piece of scrap wood, a few decorative knobs and check out this easy tutorial. You’ll be one step closer to organizing your life, in style!

I was after a two-tone distressed look so I sprayed a coat of ivory paint and then brushed on a quick coat of this spring-y green color I picked up in the ‘Oops’ section.

If you don’t have the power-version simply use a piece of 220 sand paper, or my personal favorite steel wool like I used making my Bathroom Organizer during my 3 Popular Pinterest Projects post.

I used the drill for the holes needed to attached the knobs. Being drawer knobs the screws aren’t 2″ long, but with a hole drilled completely through the wood just simply poke a screwdriver through to secure the knobs. Attach a saw-tooth hanger or something similar and You. Are. Done. Now comes the fun part!
I’ve seen a jewelry hanger using a piece of flat drift wood and it was gorgeous. Or upcycle a vintage piece of crown molding, no distressing needed! Match your own decor by using paint colors, finishes and various knobs. Endless possibilities.
Another fun twist is to swap a knob for a Mason Jar. That way you can use it for spare change, bracelets or even a whimsical vase for a fresh flower. Here is an organizer I made. Same color and technique, but with different knobs and a jar.
Think outside the jewelry box too! Do you have a collection of scarfs, belts or purses? Exchange the knobs for pretty hooks for bigger items. My amazingly talented sister makes these fun reversible aprons. Mine looks so cute displayed that I hate to get it dirty!

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