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Spice it Up with Spice Bottle Stampers!

I’ve been in cleaning/organizing mode for a while now, and tackled my kitchen cabinets last week.  After checking the dates on my spices and pulling out all the oldies, I’m a little ashamed to admit what a spice hoarder I am, but at the same time very excited to have all these cute little jars to play with now!

Oh, the possibilities! Kitchen trash = tot school treasure!

Since we are still emphasizing the color yellow this week, I decided to make some simple paint stampers with a few of my spice jars.  The bottles turned out to be the perfect size and they only took a few minutes to make with materials I already had in my craft supplies.

First, I found a piece of yellow craft foam and used a Sharpie to freehand a few shapes of objects that are typically yellow. *I found that the Sharpie ink bled a little onto the paper when we were stamping; we didn’t mind it, but if you are a purist, you might use a different type of writing utensil.

Next, I cut out the shapes, and since my foam was really thin, I hot-glued them to some cardboard from a diaper box and then cut them out again to add some stiffness to the stamp.  Last, I simply hot glued the bottoms of my spice bottles to the back of the stamps.

After we were done, I wiped the paint off the foam stampers and let them dry.  I doubt these will last indefinitely, but we should get at least a couple more uses out of them.

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