Stair Baskets

It seems that whenever I pick things up around the house, a majority of them belong on another floor of the house.

Rather than running up and down the stairs constantly, I have come to reply on these wonderful stair baskets. They fit right on the step, stay out of the way and hold those things that need to go up (or down) stairs.

I will confess that I have a cycle in keeping these clean.  Step one is to start with a clean basket.  I love the clean basket, so then I am good about grabbing a few things on my way past the basket to put away.  After a while, the basket starts to fill up.  I can no longer empty it in one pass, so I let things pile up in them.  They start to look like this and they stay that way until I get tired of the over stuffed look and finally empty them out.Stair Baskets Stair Baskets

Once they are empty, then I am good about grabbing a few things on my way past the basket.  See the pattern?Stair Baskets

Either way, they are great to have on the stairs – I swear by them for keeping things orderly.

Stair Baskets

When the kids are looking for an item that I recall putting into the basket, I can ask them if they checked the basket by the stairs.  I can also tell a child to “please empty the basket on the stairs” and each kid knows to put items on each person’s bed or on the counter in that room (kitchen, bathrooms) so that the items can be put away.

You can find similar baskets in lots of colors and styles.  Here a link:

  • Amazon

When picking a basket, try to find one that is very sturdy.  Handles are nice to pick it up and bring it to the next level for emptying, but I prefer the handles to fold down when not in use (less chance of breaking them).  Beyond that, pick one that suits your style.

We have had ours for over 10 years and they have held up beautifully.  One of us did fall on one (while slipping/falling down the stairs), so we have one with a broken rim, but we moved that one to the basement where it is less noticeable.  The other one is on the steps right as you enter the house, so it is on full display.

When we have large parties, we empty the baskets and put them in a closet out of the way.  Then if people are moving up and down the stairs, it is not a tripping hazard.

I hope you love them as much as I do!

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Stair Baskets

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