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Melon: Heals The Kidneys And Lowers High Blood Pressure! Here’s How To Use The Seeds

The melon is a one-year-old green herb, with an elongated tendrils. The leaves are large and the fruit is yellow, very juicy, mild and varied in size. It is grown in gardens and plantations. CONTENTS: water, sugar, proteins, citric acid, carotene, vitamin C, salts of copper, zinc, iron and essential oil. The melon is an amazing fruit that possesses 19 vitamins and ...

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Here’s What Your Period is Saying About Your Health

There isn’t a woman that doesn’t hate that time of the month. Feeling sick and bloated isn’t quite the nicest feeling. Menstrual periods are normal and every woman must go through it each month. However, sometimes the period can tell a lot about the woman’s health. Make sure to take notice of your flow and other period symptoms because they ...

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