This Bath Eliminate Toxins From The Body In 20 Minutes

Do you know how to have an effective bath? You should add a single component and will make you feel amazing! English salt is well known for hundreds of years for its medicinal properties.

Being rich in magnesium, it is a perfect solution for detoxifying the body and removing the excess of fluid.

Magnesium is an important component for about 325 ferments. It relieves inflammation, relaxes the muscles, strained nerves and stimulates blood circulation. Sulfates are necessary for the health of the skin, nerves and joints. English salt removes toxins and stimulates protein synthesis in tissues.

Regular salt baths are useful in cases of muscle pain, mycoses, gout, muscle stretches, inflammations, etc. They also regulate mineral balance and cleanse the body.

Before using English salt, pregnant women, people with cardiovascular disease, burns or open wounds should consult their doctor before

English salt bath

To have an english salt bath you will need about 40 minutes, because the body needs 20 minutes to get rid of toxins and another 20 to absorb the minerals present in the water.

So in the hot tub add the following quantities of English salt:

• Children up to 27 kg: 1/2 glass of salt.

• Children between 28-45 kg: 1 glass of salt.

• Kids and adults between 45-68 kg: 1.5 glasses of salt.

• Adults between 68-90 kg: 2 glasses of salt.

• Adults over 90 kg: 1/2 cup of salt for every 50 kg extra.

Useful advice

To increase the amount of antioxidants and improve the bath efficiency, you can add 1/2 cup of olive oil. It is useful for the skin and contains polyphenols.

You can also add ginger powder or Cayenne pepper to increase the warmth received by the body during the bath and to remove more toxins by sweating.

Avoid using soap during this bath. It can harm the detoxification process and reduce the effect of minerals. After bathing, it is advisable to rest for 1-2 hours


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